Goodbye Enchanted Fabrics

Wednesday, February 17, 2010
I'm quite sad that Enchanted Fabrics is closing shop, but I understand why it needs to be done. I'll miss Lori's creations. I hope her new job works out well for her and her family.

I just placed my final order: $139.90 worth of fabric. If I weren't in the process of buying a house I'd have probably splurged a bit more. I tried to stick with colors and combinations that aren't similar to those made by Silkweaver. 

- 27x36 32ct Painted Cafe Mocha Lugana
- 27x36 32ct Painted Champagne Cocktail Lugana
- 13x18 32ct Cafe Mocha Mystique Lugana
- 13x18 32ct Painted Slate Lugana
- 13x18 32ct Smoky Haze Flair Lugana
- 13x18 32ct Painted Spring Meadow Opalescent Lugana
- 13x18 32ct Witching Hour Flair Opalescent Lugana
- 13x18 32ct Black Orchid Flair Opalescent Lugana

Now I only have to hope I don't end up regretting not picking up some more colorful pieces while I had the chance. ^_^;