All Moved In...Almost

Friday, June 4, 2010
I haven't had much time for stitching these past few months. Paperwork, packing, moving, unpacking, and cleaning has taken up most of my free time. Despite the fact that we officially moved in at the end of March, we're still transporting stuff over from our parent's homes. Our spare bedroom has become a storage area for the yet-to-be-unpacked boxes. 

My favorite room in the house is my computer/craft room. I have my own computer desk, a craft desk, and a large closet full of crafting supplies in organized storage bins. It couldn't be any more perfect!


This is the birth announcement for my boyfriend's cousin's baby after another six hours of stitching (sixteen hours total). All that's left to do is the rest of the moon, the placement of the text, and the beaded stars. The text, of course, will have to wait until after little Braiden is born, which won't be long now. Within the next week or two, I think. I need to hurry and get the rest of the moon done!