Babies and Broken Needles

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I've decided to make Mirabilia's "Crescent Dreams" into a birth announcement for my boyfriend's cousin, who will be having a baby boy later this year.  With the exception of the hat (which I changed from yellow to blue), I'm stitching it as charted on Enchanted Fabric's "Raindrop Mystique" 32ct opalescent Lugana. This photo was taken after about ten hours of stitching.

About six hours into the project the eye of my gold-plated DMC tapestry needle snapped off. I threw it away and replaced it with one of the more expensive gold John James tapestry needles I bought last summer. Less than an hour later the eye of that needle snapped in half. Today, sometime between hours eight and nine, I broke my second gold John James needle. I'm now on the third and final needle of the pack, which is already beginning to bend at the eye. Given the price, I'm quite disappointed. The less expensive and readily available DMC needles are much more durable.


Diane said...

Hi Lyndsey, Thanks for your kind comments about my totebag! I got the pattern at a quilt shop in Reed City, Michigan. I absolutely love it! It is called ps016 Charm Party Tote designed by Penny Sturges. I believe her website is, that's what is on the package.

I love all your cross stitching projects! Sorry about all your broken needles.